June 23rd, 2014


I finally found a great pair of knee high gladiator sandals.. and guess what! They were only $24.99 from Off Broadway. I decided to go with gold because in the summer I like to get a little bit of a tan and I feel like they just accent everything so much better. I’ve literally worn these sandals like 10 times and I just bought them a week ago. They are also comfortable too. I will say, it may be harder for some people to find the right sizes in these because everyone’s calf size is different. Luckily, these fit me just fine. The floral crop top I am wearing is from Forever 21 and I think it cost me around $9.00. My high waist shorts are from Urban Outfitters and my pale pink kimono is by Julies Boutique which I purchased for $25.00. I really love how these sandals just pulled this outfit together. Please let me know what you think in the comments. Thanks again for viewing!

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Boutiques to Watch

June 17th, 2014

Hi everyone,

So I have just partnered up with Julie’s Boutique as a stylist and intern. Julie’s Boutique is located in the North Carolina area. They have several locations including Gastonia, up town Charlotte, Park Road Shopping Center, and Huntersville. I suggest you check them out if you live near the Charlotte area. Julie’s also owns a sister store called Ivy and Leo which also has many locations such as Columbia SC, Myrtle Beach SC, South Park NC, Wilmington NC, and Raleigh NC.

Julie’s offers super cute clothing options for great prices. The unique thing about this store is that they are a boutique so they offer unique pieces that chain stores are not able to accommodate and the price of their clothing is beyond affordable! I have been shopping at Julie’s as long as I can remember (it’s been around for about 40 years) and it is definitely a shop that I recommend. I would never advertise or talk up a company that I do not believe in myself.

Ivy and Leo (the sister store) also offers a great amount of cute affordable clothing. This cute shop has been taking over all across Charlotte and has definitely made a name for itself. If you are ever visiting the Charlotte area, definitely consider stopping into one of the locations that I listed above.

I will link below the online stores for both of the companies. Please also note that with any type of specialty boutique the websites are not nearly as stocked as the actual store is. Since I am now interning for the company, I will be taking many pictures for my blog and my other social media accounts. I plan to be able to upload pictures of outfits that I style from the clothing in the stores and give you my honest feedback. I hope that you enjoy this post and thank you for viewing! Please leave comments below or feel free to e-mail me at dressdown4what@gmail.com.



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One Clothing One Love

June 13th, 2014

I usually find myself trying to pack a ridiculous amount of clothes before leaving for a trip. I always end up going back through my bag before I leave and try to down size my bag by taking out a good amount of clothing and shoes. First and foremost, I think the most important part of traveling should be comfort. I was lucky enough to come across this adorable romper by One Clothing from Marshalls for $16.00. This romper is probably one of the most comfortable pieces that I own. It is made out of this stretchy, soft, and form fitting fabric (so hard to explain). I am so glad that I packed this beauty because it worked perfectly for a relaxing day shopping at the beach. I love that this romper almost looks like a dress, in fact, that is what I thought it was at first. During the summer I usually tend to lean towards a more bohemian style. I like to incorporate warm colors and unique prints into my wardrobe. I think that this romper definitely fits into that category. I bought these strappy heels from Target for only $8.00. I love coming across great sales and luckily they were the last pair in my size!

When I travel I usually like to pack two pair of heels that are universal for the other clothes that I pack. These heels go with so much and I am so glad that I found them. I ended up taking these off and wearing a pair of flat sandals to walk around in. I wore the heels later on that night when I went out.  I know that every Marshalls is different and it is hard to find the same things in other stores but I have seen this same brand sold by other boutiques and department stores.

Thank you for visiting. I would love feedback in the comments below.

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Swimsuit Obsession 2014

June 10th, 2014

Hello again! Sorry for the delayed post. I thought I was going to have more time to post while I was on vacation but it turns out I did not have hardly any time at all. I just returned from visiting my boyfriend (he lives in Georgia) and a lovely beach trip that we took together. I captured some photos throughout the trip of what I wore. Above are a pair of sandals that I am in love with this summer. I have literally worn them for like two weeks straight. I purchased these shoes from Versona Accessories for only $15.00. I will link everything below. If you are wondering the brand of these shoes they are by a company called Bamboo who makes super affordable but stylish shoes. I think I’ve actually posted another pair of shoes by the same brand before. Anyway, they have a variety of colors and they are so comfortable. I have a hard time trying to wear heels and wedges all of the time so to keep my life realistic I like to purchase comfortable shoes that are easy to walk in. These were definitely my must have shoes for my beach trip!

I also purchased some new swimsuits for my trip as well. I decided to venture out of my comfort zone this season and try some new swim suit styles.

I bought this top from Forever21 for $10.00. I actually bought this one on sale so I am not sure if they have this same style in stock anymore. I’m sure there are others that are similar. This top was really fun to wear except the only problem with this top is that it does not give much support. My sunglasses are from Forever21 as well.

Another amazing piece that I bought from one of my favorite stores. The top is from Victoria’s Secret along with the bottoms. I am also wearing the same sandals as shown above (Bamboo). The top cost me around $35.00 with a discount I had received and the bottoms were $18.00 in stores.

Here is a shot from behind of the bottoms purchased from Victoria’s Secret. Now I know that these do not appeal to everyone but I am really loving this style of bathing suit bottoms at the moment. They definitely keep the booty looking nice, that is for sure… but hey, you are only young once and if you work hard to get yourself in shape, why not show it off!

Saving the best for last! I am OBSESSED with this bathing suit top. I purchased this from Amazon for only $16.00! I typed in Victoria’s Secret swim suits to search for a new top to wear and came across this one. However, this is not by Victoria’s Secret. This is just a similar style to the current one that they have out now. Victoria’s Secret can be a little pricey on swim suits sometimes so I am glad I came across this beauty. I am wearing the same bottoms as posted above. My cover up is from Forever21.

I had such a great time and cannot wait for my next beach trip.  I just want it to be summer all year long! I hope that everyone is having a great week and I appreciate all of the feedback I have received so far.  Thank you for viewing!





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Current Perfume Collection

June 1st, 2014

It has been a few days since the last time I posted. I have been busy getting ready for vacation (leaving tomorrow). I should have many more outfit posts coming soon. I decided I wanted to post something a little different today. I have been collecting perfume for awhile and I have grown significantly in my collection. My perfumes all range in prices. I have some high end fragrances and some pretty generic perfumes as well. I decided to dedicate this post to my few favorites. There is not really a specific order to this because each fragrance is special in their own way and appropriate for certain occasions.

1. Michael Germain- Sexual Noir $70.00

Absolutely one of my top favorite perfumes to wear at night. This scent is sweet and sexy.

2. Giorgio Armani- Aqua Di Gio $65.00 

This scent is light and fresh. I love wearing this if I am going out to a nice lunch or feel like wearing a lighter scent.

3. Victoria Beckham- Intimately Beckham $40.00

Depending where you buy this perfume it may range in price. This is also another one of my favorite night time scents. This scent is not as heavy as the Sexual Noir one but it is definitely close. This is another sexy fragrance. I could honestly wear this scent everyday.

4. Dolce and Gabbana- Light Blue $60.00

This fragrance as well price wise depends on where you buy it from. This scent is very popular and another great day time scent. I have honestly never really smelled anything like it until I was cologne shopping for my boyfriend. If you love this scent and want a similar smelling cologne try Versace Man. The Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue cologne for men does not smell like the woman’s perfume. I would recommend trying out the Versace if you are interested in  similar smell for men. I think the Versace cologne costs around $70.00.

Please let me know if you like these types of posts. I will be happy to do more. Sorry again about the late posting. I will try and post more this week of the different outfits I will be wearing on vacation. I hope everyone is having a wonderful day. Thank you for viewing and please leave me some feedback if there is anything else you would like to see.





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Apex Apparel Photoshoot

May 28th, 2014

So this is much different compared to my usual posts. A good friend of mine owns a clothing company called Apex Apparel. Apex is based in Charlotte, North Carolina (where I am from). These pictures are just a few of the unedited shots from behind the scenes at the shoot. I encourage you to check out his brand. Apex is becoming quite a name here in Charlotte.  I would describe his company as a lifestyle brand with a mix of street wear. Apex offers many opportunities for discounts and other sales on their website. I have modeled for his company now for two years off and on and it is only getting better. Street wear is not something that I usually go for but it is always good to change up your style every once in a while. Plus, who doesn’t love an awesome t-shirt?! Definitely check out the Apex website for many other great opportunities.


Please let me know if you like the change up in posts and if you would like to see the actual photos from the shoot. Thanks for viewing



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Queen City

May 24th, 2014

So tonight I had reservations for this new restaurant in downtown Charlotte, NC called Fahrenheit. The restaurant is located on the 21st floor of the Hyatt hotel downtown and gives you a panoramic view of the city. For dinner I shared a Lobster stuffed entree with my boyfriend that was super delicious. I was not really sure what I was going to wear but I ended up finding this Missguided red off the shoulder dress which worked out perfectly. I purchased this dress off of their website (www.missguidedus.com) for only $10.00! The black wedges I am wearing are by Bamboo and my jewelry is from Guess. I was so in love with this restaurant and I will definitely be coming back again soon. If you get the chance also check out Missguided. I am obsessed with them and I was recently just introduced to them off of an Instagram post. I am pretty sure that they are a UK based brand but they have amazing clothes and great prices. The shipping  came on time as well. I have ordered quite a few pieces that I will post sometime soon. Hope everyone has a wonderful Memorial day weekend.

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So Sweet

May 22nd, 2014

I hate that it was raining the day that this outfit was worn. I wore this out to a special event with my boyfriend and the weather was terrible. Oh well. Anyway, I am wearing a blush rose colored blouse from BCBG which I bought for $90.00 about a year ago. My skirt is BCBG as well and this runway pleated pocket skirt is my absolute favorite. I think it cost me around $120.00. So obviously this outfit was not that budget friendly but these pieces are super special and will last forever. The pocket skirt is so unique and fits my body shape perfectly. I love how it gives me a small waist but flares out a bit. The pockets are also cool as well and gives the skirt a more laid back and comfortable look. My shoes I have listed before as well as the Michael Kors bag. The shoes are by Seychelles. I have owned both my blouse and skirt for over a year now and they are still in great shape. BCBG is probably one of my favorite higher end brands because of how unique their pieces are. I hope that everyone is having a wonderful day! I plan to have a few different posts coming soon. Thanks for viewing.



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Be Happy

March 19th, 2014

Leopard and leather is one of my favorite combinations. It is always fun for me to pair a wild print with a cool texture. Above I am wearing a leopard print crop top from Forever 21 that I bought for $11.00. I love this crop top because it zips up in the front giving a little extra support. My skirt is from ASOS and I purchased it for $45.00 off their website. I think having a nice leather item in your wardrobe is smart because you can pair so many thing with it giving your outfit different looks. My shoes I have mentioned in a post before and they are from Forever 21 as well. I am still loving ankle strap heels as you can see. I think I purchased these for around $23 or $25 dollars. I hope that everyone is having a wonderful day. I have some different kinds of posts coming up very soon. Please let me know in the comments what else you would like to see! Thanks for viewing :)

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Leopard Love

May 16th, 2014

Excuse the shoe picture above and the awkward toe moment I was having. I didn’t even realize that until I was cropping the picture. Above I am wearing a leopard print romper that I purchased from Forever 21 for $15.00. My shoes are by Steve Madden and their retail value is around $75.00 (not positive). I wore this outfit out to run errands and get lunch with my boyfriend, however, I did not wear the heels all day. I am not the kind of person who can wear heels for long periods of time. I ended up wearing just a pair of nude bow flip flops and put these back in my closet. I love rompers for the summer time especially since they are so basic and easy to wear. When I came home from running errands I was planning to go back out for dinner so I was able to dress the romper back up with a black blazer and a pair of black wedges for a dressier look. They are so simple and so convenient. I recommend investing in a nice black romper as well, black is always a great color and you can always choose which route you want to go with… dressy or casual. Thanks for viewing and hope you have a wonderful day :)


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